I started working with Esther after many months of talk therapy going nowhere. I was unable to attune to my feelings and my bodily sensations to process earlier trauma on a deeper level. Esther created a safe space for me to explore these sensations and to express what they were bringing up in terms of imagery and stories. She guided me through various exercises to shift my focus on my strength and to give myself permission to be proud of the progress I'd already made. At the same time, she did not pressure me to move faster than I was ready to and I felt that she accepted me as I was. As we worked together, I was able to get a clearer sense of myself and found I had the strength to make some much-needed changes in my life. I also started feeling more engaged with life and people in general. I now feel better equipped to deal with life's challenges and am looking forward to engaging with my community rather than hiding in my shell for fear of getting hurt again.

M.L. Canada

Working with Esther long-distance over Zoom has been one of the best investments I've made in myself. I started working with Esther several months ago on the advice of a friend in order to continue growing and healing following the completion of trauma psychotherapy, but I was a little skeptical at the time that this was the right move. I felt positive changes after the first session and have never looked back! She is very insightful, intuitive, and collaborative during sessions. I am a gifted and autistic woman, and while I am successful in many ways in life I have struggled with managing my emotions, feeling grounded, and chronic pain. She has been so helpful in guiding me to trust myself and listen to my body, as well as re-integrating me into my body after years of dissociating from my senses and due to trauma. I had no idea the energy, warmth, and calmness I was missing in my life. The skills Esther has taught me to keep myself grounded and in my body are powerful and healing. I can confidently say that I am the most happy and whole I have ever been. Thank you!


Working with Esther has been transformational for me. Though I am high functioning and accomplished, as a profoundly gifted and autistic woman with a significant trauma history, I've struggled in my personal life with issues of chronic pain, chronic illness, and exploitation in relationships. Working with Esther has been the first time I was able to bring my full self - body included - into the therapy room and to be present without having to slow down, divert attention, or struggle to feel understood. She is able to see and hold space for big minds and difficult histories, while keeping the energy focused on the present and on the capacity for healing and growth. The nervous system regulation skills I learned by watching/experiencing her work with me have been invaluable to helping me to regulate my nervous system in difficult moments outside of the therapy. Though I knew all the bodywork theory very well prior to working with Esther, and had even had therapy with a somatic experiencing therapist in the past, I had been unable to fully apply or benefit from it both in and outside of the therapeutic setting until my experiences in therapy with Esther. Thank you Esther!

J.H., Switzerland 

It’s the first time for me that working on trauma healing has been a joyful, engaging and interesting experience. Esther’s ability to create a safe and trustworthy space has enabled me to quickly and almost effortlessly dive into patterns and themes I’ve been carrying for a while. Her tender humour and positivity softened all heaviness that trauma related topics may bring; and going on a boundless imaginary journey with her is fun, indeed. Thank you Esther!

G.S., Switzerland

All of my sessions with Esther have been powerful, and I have found that this work is truly essential for gifted people. Both inner and outer confirmations of my healing have been profound and helped me erase negative patterns in my life. I recommend my clients to her all the time!


I have worked with Esther for several sessions over the past few months and have found her to be not only extremely patient but also precise in her attunement and advice. She has unwavering commitment to supporting her clients alignment with and embodiment of their highest life force as autonomous guidance from within. Working with her has been indispensable in supporting ever deeper development and I highly recommend her services to those who seek to take their journey to the next level.

S.H., Australia

I had the great pleasure of having Esther perform a healing session on me. It was through a Zoom session and even if I was on another continent, I could totally feel the power of her energy! She immediately made me feel safe and at ease. During the session, she interacted with me and asked for feedback, I thought that was awesome. The results were immediate and are lasting to this day. She is also a great intuitive. She told me some things before the treatments and it was spot on. I highly recommend her.

M.N., Canada

Long distance body work with Esther is a very healing and transformative experience. I really appreciate and value her perceptive and attuned way of working. She has been a wonderful ally and support for addressing Trauma on a body based physical level.

M.G., Gemany