A typical session

Our session will take place via video "Zoom". After a brief check-in and goal-setting discussion for the session, you will be able to lay down in a comfortable spot and I will guide you with my voice to explore aspects of your physical body, energy, feelings and emotions, based on the focus of the session.

Sometimes you will be talking with me, and other times you will be silently exploring your own sensations and inner images, with my guidance. At the end of the session, we will do another check-in to explore how the session went.

Requirements for participating in gifted therapy sessions

  • For the online sessions, you need to be psychologically in a stable space (this therapy is not designed to support clients in urgent crisis states)

  • A computer or phone with a camera and internet for logging into Zoom

  • Possibility to lay down in a quiet room without any disturbance and with enough light so that you are visible on camera

  • Openness to exploring your mind, body, spirit and life's energy with curiosity, lack of judgement and respect for your unique healing process

If you can't attend the session, please let me know 24 beforehand. Otherwise I need to charge the full price of the missed session. Thanks for your understanding.