This course for personal empowerment and self-development is for gifted peers who have experienced trauma and feel ready to strengthen themselves by diving deeper into their own personality through self-reflection and introspection. You will learn about setting boundaries, how to step out from deep emotions, explore your fields of responsibility, dive into self-love and self-care and create your inner, holistic resource. There will be a safe space for exchange and group sharing.

Course Outline & Themes:

Module 1: Setting Boundaries

  • Different aspects of boundaries
  • Sharing experiences in the group
  • Create your personal energy diagram
  • Explore your field of responsibility
  • Exercise to set energetic boundaries

Module 2: Self-love / self-care

  • Review sharing in groups
  • Group discussion about self-love & self-care
  • Reflection of how you are practicing self-love / self-care already
  • What aspects could be improved and how
  • Meditation about self-love

Module 3: Building up your inner strength
  • Review sharing in groups
  • Group discussion - what kind of inner
    and outer resources do we have
  • How to build inner resources
  • How to integrate resources
  • Resourcing Meditation with artwork

Module 4: Emotions & Inner child

  • Review sharing in groups
  • Ways to handle emotions
  • How to work with the inner child
  • Meditation with your inner child

For every module you will get a workbook where you can write down your exploration and stepts towards healing. Example:

A safe learning and exchange environment

There will be a safe space free of judgement and full of respect, understanding and goodwill for every individual to learn, exchange and discuss personal experiences with other participants. In addition to self-reflection, sharing in a compassionate group is so healing because this positive experience can calm the nervous system and the brain can develop new neural pathways.

Participation requirments

The course requires you to be psychologally in a stable space, ready and open to see yourself and your environment from different perspectives, and to be comfortable listening to and sharing with fellow participants. Some participants may like to have one or more individual therapy sessions with me prior to starting the course, for creating a sense of safety and stabilization from which they can participate in the group setting.

How to join

To inquire about participation, contact me at with information about yourself, your background and your motivations for participation and if you have any psychological diagnoses. After that we will schedule a free get to know session for around 15'.

Costs, Dates & Logistics

  • The group will meet online each month for around 2.5 to 3 hours during a period of 4 months.

  • Fee in total: CHF 480.-- (CHF 120.-- for each module)

  • The course is booked as a whole package.

  • Min. participants: 5 / Max participants: 8